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Wireless Access System (Card/Fob)

A wireless access control system that utilizes a simple key card can upgrade the security of your property in more ways than one. Not only is it a convenient way to grant access to restricted areas, but it also offers heightened levels of security and safety compared to old-fashioned methods.

If you’re interested in installing fob access systems in Yonkers or other New York locations, professional help is only a phone call away. Oversightt Integrated Security specializes in efficient installations so you can update your security systems with minimal downtime. To bring remote access solutions to your facility or workplace, reach out today.

The Advantages of a Card Access System

More Restricted Access

Compared to traditional key systems, card access systems provide a superior level of security and restricted access. By utilizing advanced wireless technology, these systems allow businesses to manage access permissions with unparalleled precision.

A key card entry system can immediately grant or revoke access and eliminate the risk of unauthorized access associated with lost or copied keys. Additionally, the integration of mobile access and remote access solutions further fortifies security measures to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry to your facility.

No Need for Traditional Locks

The transition to card entry security signifies a monumental shift away from the cumbersome management associated with traditional door locks and key cards. Card access systems — particularly those employing wireless access control solutions — simplify the administrative burden of managing a building’s security.

These systems eliminate the need for physical keys, which reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the inconvenience of changing locks or reissuing keys. With the advent of wifi access control, administrators can remotely update access permissions too. As such, these modern security solutions can help save time and money.

Keep Track of Entries

Card access systems let you easily monitor and record entries into a building or secured areas. This feature provides a detailed log of who enters and exits and at what times. 

Such meticulous tracking improves security protocols and investigating security breaches, which is especially useful when monitoring building access control in NY and other high-traffic areas. Being able to transmit data wirelessly to a centralized system allows for real-time monitoring and quick response to any unauthorized access attempts, which ensures a secure environment for all occupants.

Faster and Smooth

Unlike traditional keyed systems, card entry security systems are a more streamlined and efficient approach to access control. They facilitate seamless entry without the physical limitations of wired systems.

This advancement not only enhances the user experience by granting access through key card access or mobile devices but also reduces the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with traditional systems. As such, integrating wireless locks and key card entry systems into a single access control solution simplifies the security framework. This naturally allows for easier management and higher reliability in controlling access to secured areas.

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When it comes to installing effective wireless access control systems, you can place your trust in Oversightt Integrated Security. We’ll help you find the best access control solution for your building, and we also install burglar alarms, video surveillance technology, and other modern systems. To start planning your security upgrade, call us today.


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