Fire Alarm Monitoring

We offer the best fire alarm system monitoring service. Our partner Central Station is approved by FDNY and is UL listed. You can rest assured and trust our fire alarm monitoring company that is not thousands of miles away.

Our service includes Fire Alarm Design, Fire Alarm Installation, Fire Alarm Repairs, Fire Alarm Inspections, and ARC Systems.

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With Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions fire alarm monitoring, you can enjoy 24/7 protection for your business and property. Even during the hours when your business is not in operation, security specialists survey your property to ensure its safety.

Should a fire or other emergency occur, the fire department or other authorities are notified in seconds – meaning you will likely not face a total loss of your business?

There are several details because Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions fire alarm system monitoring is important. Not only may much of your property, files, inventory, and other assets be saved instead of destroyed, neighboring businesses and communities will be spared from the consequences they may face if the fire were to spread.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions arcs system EXPERTS IN FIRE AND SECURITY1

Peace of mind alone is worth the savings. Knowing that your property and assets are properly protected at all times is reassuring, and what could end in disaster is often prevented. At Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions, we urge all business owners whether large or small to make smart decisions for your company.

We Accept all Fire Alarm Monitoring Signals, Such as:
Our fire alarm installations are intended to fit all of your fire alarm system monitoring requirements, including multiple alarm signal transmission technologies from old-style copper telephone service to IP/GSM. We also have an Apple & Android app to turn your system ON- and offline.

With fire alarm monitoring, you have someone there for you when you are not home. When there’s any detection of danger from fire or smoke in your building, the sensors connected to the alarm panel send a signal to Fire & Life Safety monitoring centers.

The signal can be sent over the Internet, cellular phone, radio, or typical phone line to our monitoring centers. Once the signal is received, you have alerted operators who check for your security first then dispatch authorities, if necessary.

Always have reliable, backup support for your fire and smoke emergencies.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions fire alarm monitoring service consists of three monitoring centers that are UL Listed for sprinkler and fire protective signaling.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions have been providing the standards and requirements for credible fire protection systems and services for over years. These certifications are granted to proprietary fire alarm monitoring companies that continuously meet compliance with the appropriate codes and standards.

 Fire alarm monitoring for all types of fire-related emergencies.

At Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions, we are monitoring and alerting you in good times and bad.

  We receive, route, and handle the following alarm signals daily:

  • Sprinkler Monitoring: This signal is sent when your sprinkler system has been violated and tampered with.
  • Fire Alarm: This signal is sent from a fire or smoke detection device when set off.
  • Fire Distress: This signal may designate decreased performance or suggest maintenance for your system to ensure it’ll work properly in the case of an emergency.
  • Fire Guiding: This signal is sent when it senses that a helping of the building’s fire protection system has been disabled and needs resetting.
  • Low Battery: This signal tells us that the system battery for your alarm panel is working at less than optimum voltage.
  • Power Failure: This signal is sent when there is a power failure, which is critical for commercial fire alarm monitoring for businesses with critical pumps or systems with backup power needed.

These are just a few of the functions that can be monitored through Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions fire alarm monitoring services.

Contact us to learn more about other monitoring options.