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Security System Monitoring

At Oversightt Integrated Security, we help homeowners and businesses alike with all aspects of their property’s safety and security. To that end, we are proud to offer professional security system monitoring services to ensure that you know about everything and everyone that comes and goes into your building.

What Is Security System Monitoring?

Security system monitoring refers to the continuous oversight of a property’s security system by a professional monitoring service or by the owner through self-monitoring options. At the heart of this system lies the control panel, which is connected to various security devices like door and window sensors, motion sensors, and glass break detectors. 

When any of these sensors are triggered, the alarm system notifies the monitoring service or the property owner directly. For instance, if an entry sensor on a window detects a breach, the alarm system could activate an alert. Many modern systems offer easy-to-install setups that can integrate with smart home devices.

The Advantages of Having 24/7 Surveillance and Real-Time Alerts

Having 24/7 surveillance through security system monitoring offers unparalleled peace of mind to homeowners and business owners alike. With continuous monitoring, threats can be detected immediately, whether they come from motion detectors, doorbell cameras, or indoor and outdoor cameras. Real-time alerts ensure that the property owner or the professional monitoring service is notified instantly, allowing for swift action. This could involve contacting local emergency services or dispatching security services, ensuring minimal response time. 


Many top home security systems offer smart home integration, allowing for immediate alerts on your preferred smart device. Some systems come with affordable DIY security system options, allowing home and business owners to save money without compromising on security. Moreover, the integration of other smart home devices enhances the efficacy and convenience of the system.

There Are Many Businesses That Benefit From Security System Monitoring

Business security system monitoring is crucial for companies regardless of their size. From small retail stores that might use easy-to-install DIY systems to large corporations that require professionally installed systems, security is paramount. Commercial security system monitoring helps protect against theft, vandalism, and other potential threats. With the inclusion of outdoor surveillance cameras, businesses can monitor external threats, while door and window sensors can prevent unauthorized entries.

Monthly monitoring fees are a small price to pay for the assurance that assets, data, and personnel are safeguarded. Commercial establishments, especially those with significant foot traffic or high-value items, such as banks, retail stores, warehouses, and offices, should consider investing in robust security systems. Options range from the Ring Alarm Pro system with smart home integrations to professionally monitored systems by leading home security companies. 

Reach Out Today for Any and All Security System Monitoring Needs

Whenever you require security system monitoring services, Oversightt Integrated Security will have you covered. We know firsthand that a business’s reputation and continued success can benefit from enhanced security, which is why we’re committed to going above and beyond and responding promptly to your requests and inquiries. Contact us today.


The cost to monitor a security system varies based on several factors, including the type of system, the range of services offered, and whether it’s professionally monitored or self-monitored. On average, professional monitoring services charge between $15 to $50 per month. Some premium services might cost more, especially if they include added features like home automation or video surveillance. On the other hand, self-monitoring through DIY home security systems is often more cost-effective, with many systems offering free mobile alerts or charging minimal monthly monitoring fees. It’s essential to compare different home security providers and their packages to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

For a security system to function optimally, certain components should be checked regularly:


  • Batteries: Ensure all devices, including motion sensors, door and window sensors, and the control panel, have functional batteries.
  • Sensors: Test door and window sensors to ensure they trigger the alarm when breached.
  • Cameras: Clean the lenses of security cameras and check their alignment. Ensure both indoor and outdoor cameras provide clear footage.
  • Control Panel: Make sure the main control hub or panel of your security system is responsive and updated.
  • Software Updates: Just like other smart devices, security systems might require software or firmware updates. Ensure they’re updated to the latest version.
  • Signal Strength: If your system uses a wireless connection, check for consistent signal strength.
  • Alarm Sound: Test the alarm to ensure it’s loud and clear.
  • Remote Access: If your system offers remote access through a mobile app or web interface, periodically log in to ensure you can control and monitor your system remotely.

The most important aspect of a security system depends on individual needs and the specific threats one aims to mitigate. However, universally, the primary goal of any security system is to provide peace of mind by safeguarding property, assets, and loved ones. A robust alarm system with responsive door and window sensors is vital. Additionally, security cameras, both indoor and outdoor, play a crucial role in surveillance and evidence collection. 

For many, smart home integration with devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is paramount for seamless operation. In addition, the option for professional monitoring can be vital, as it ensures that emergencies are promptly addressed by experts, even if you’re unavailable or unaware of the threat. When considering the best security system for your needs, prioritize reliability, responsiveness, and comprehensive coverage of potential vulnerabilities.



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