Video Surveillance

A lot can happen at your business when you’re away. But with 24/7 video surveillance, you will never miss an important moment. With contemporary surveillance technology, you can stream live video to your smartphone or store it to watch later. And with both indoor and outdoor cameras available, you will always have the full story of what went on, and when.

Security camera location in your business is everything

Camera placement is the most important aspect of your surveillance system. Outdoor cameras are an important deterrent for thieves and help you identify suspicious individuals around your business.

They can also improve apprehension rates by recording incidents or thefts that have occurred in the past. Indoor cameras also act as a theft deterrent and let you keep an eye on the inside of your business, including monitoring employees during work hours.

They allow you to supervise certain zones that are a high priority for protection, especially where cash or valuable goods are held. Our cameras also have IR technology for both indoor and outdoor needs, to monitor any unlawful activities in the dark.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions Video Surveillance

Available options from Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions include the stream video recorder for WiFi and POE cameras (Alarm.Com App) and the Network video recorder for CCTV cameras (Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions Security App).

Once you have selected your system, you will also want to choose the best camera type for your business surveillance needs. Each type offers unique benefits, from damage resistance to discrete appearance.

Installation and configuration

Contrary to popular belief, not all commercial security camera systems need to be installed by an expert. The best wireless security camera system for small businesses, for example, is easy enough to install and configure without hiring an expert, especially if only a few cameras are needed.

However, an enterprise-grade camera system for business definitely will require professional installation. Depending on the number of security cameras you purchase, where they are located, and the type of wiring in your building, a professional installer may be required.

Before purchasing business surveillance systems, always get a valuation of the space to determine which cameras are most compatible with your needs.

Video surveillance storage

You likely won’t be monitoring your commercial security camera system 24/7. So, knowing your options and requirements for video storage is essential before making a business security camera purchase.

There are three types of storage available for surveillance systems for businesses: NVR, DVR, and hybrid systems. NVR, or network video recording. Digital video recording, or DVR, is used for analog and business CCTV cameras.

Most traditional DVR systems have on-location storage, but many providers also now offer cloud-based video surveillance storage for businesses.

Business surveillance features

You’ve got the hardware and installation figured out, but don’t forget to check into all the features to ensure you choose the best commercial security cameras. Top-rated features of surveillance systems for businesses include:

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