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Nassau County, NY

Alarm and Security Systems for Nassau County, NY

Oversightt Integrated Security is proud to provide residential and commercial properties in Nassau County, NY, with the technology they need to stay safe and secure. Whether you need a security camera installation or an alarm system inspection, we’re capable of offering upgrades and continued maintenance to an array of security technologies.

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Nassau County Residential Security Systems

Residential security systems can play a central role in ensuring the safety and well-being of families and their properties. Installing a home security system provides peace of mind by offering a proactive approach to safeguarding residential spaces. These systems include many different devices, like cameras and alarms, that work together to improve security in a particular property.


The equipment is designed to detect unauthorized entry and potential threats, alerting homeowners and monitoring services promptly. This commitment to security extends beyond mere installations — at Oversightt Integrated Security, we offer maintenance and inspection services to ensure the continued reliability of residential alarms.

By installing video surveillance systems, businesses benefit immensely from having an added layer of security. Video surveillance is a cornerstone of modern security solutions for commercial properties, offering constant monitoring and deterrence against potential threats. As a reputable security system company, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of these systems. 


Our professional security camera installations allow businesses to monitor their property effectively — discouraging criminal activity and providing crucial evidence in the event of an incident. Big and small businesses can find peace of mind in knowing that their investment in video surveillance contributes to a secure environment for their employees, clients, and assets.

For businesses, the importance of fire and burglar alarms cannot be overstated. An experienced fire alarm company like us understands the unique challenges faced by commercial properties and tailors alarm systems to meet those needs. These systems are designed to quickly detect and respond to fire and security threats, minimizing potential damage and ensuring the safety of occupants. 


Our security company’s commitment to quality installations and ongoing maintenance ensures that businesses can trust their fire and burglar alarms to perform seamlessly when needed most. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, having such a security system in place can potentially contribute to lower insurance premiums in some circumstances, making it a wise investment for any commercial establishment.

Commercial intercom systems can be a valuable tool for enhancing communication and security within an office or other place of work. As such, Oversightt Integrated Security offers professional installation of intercom systems designed to streamline communication and control access. These systems enable efficient communication between different areas of a facility, improving overall operational efficiency.


Additionally, intercom systems contribute to security by allowing personnel to verify the identity of individuals before granting access. This heightened level of control enhances the safety of the property, making intercom systems an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy.

Access control systems are a crucial component of modern security solutions. As a trusted name in the industry, we provide professional access control system installations tailored to the unique needs of commercial properties. These systems offer businesses a greater level of security by regulating and restricting access to specific areas. 


However, the benefits extend beyond physical security, as access control systems also provide detailed logs of entry and exit — offering valuable insights for businesses. As such, Oversightt Integrated Security is committed to delivering secure and reliable solutions and ensuring the ongoing safety of commercial properties.

We Offer Security Solutions to the Following Nassau County Businesses

  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Jewelers
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • And More

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