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Glass Break Detector

One of the easiest ways for a burglar to break into a home or business is through the windows — they’re not locked tight with a key, nor are they difficult to shatter. As such, installing security alarm systems that alert you to breaking glass can provide a greater layer of safety and protection.

At Oversightt Integrated Security, we’re dedicated to installing glass break sensors in NY properties so that everyone can maintain safer properties. To learn about our window security solutions and to start planning an installation for your building, reach out today.

The Benefits of Glass Break Detector Systems

They Cover a Wide Area

Glass break detectors are highly effective at safeguarding large areas due to their advanced sound frequency analysis capabilities. Installed strategically on ceilings or walls, these detectors can cover the entire spectrum of a room or hallway — making them an indispensable part of window security solutions.

Their ability to monitor the sound of breaking glass from a considerable range allows them to offer exceptional break-in protection without needing a sensor on every window. This expansive coverage is not only cost-effective but also simplifies the installation process and provides an unobtrusive yet comprehensive security layer around vulnerable points of entry.

Accurate Alarms

The accuracy of glass break sensors lies in their sophisticated technology, which allows them to distinguish between the unique sound frequency of breaking glass and other household noises. Depending on the model, these home security detectors utilize a combination of sound frequency and vibration analysis to detect the specific pattern caused by glass breaking. 

Greater precision lowers the chances of false alarms, making wireless glass break detectors incredibly reliable. Additionally, conducting a test with a glass break simulator during installation can further fine-tune the sensor’s sensitivity to accurately identify the sound of broken glass.


By instantly alerting homeowners and security services to the first sign of a break-in, glass break detectors act as a potent deterrent against crime. The immediate response triggered by these devices can interrupt burglars in action and potentially discourage them from proceeding further. 

Additionally, knowing that a property is equipped with such sensitive break detectors can dissuade potential intruders from targeting the home. The presence of such a security system — when visible on windows and doors — serves as a visible warning to would-be burglars and enhances the overall safety and security of the residence.

Multifaceted Security

Incorporating glass break sensors into a security system alongside other alarm systems, like motion detectors, creates a comprehensive security solution capable of addressing a variety of intrusion scenarios. This integration allows for a layered defense strategy — where the glass break sensor can trigger an immediate alert upon the detection of breaking glass — while motion detectors can offer additional surveillance within the property. 

An effective combination like this ensures that whether an intruder attempts to gain entry through a window or moves around inside the premises, the system is equipped to detect and respond to the threat. This multifaceted approach not only enhances the overall efficacy of the security alarm systems but also provides peace of mind to property owners.

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For Quality Glass Break Sensors in NY and Yonkers, Call Oversightt Integrated Security Today

In addition to glass break detectors, we also offer other break-in protection for Yonkers and the surrounding area, such as video surveillance technology, access control systems, burglar alarms, and much more. Whatever you need for your business or home security detectors, you can rely on our team to provide you with efficient proposals and installations. 

If you want to learn more about our services and how we can deter, prevent, and alert you to break-ins at your property, reach out to Oversightt Integrated Security today.


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