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Electronic Locking System

If you’re searching for a way to update the security of your home or business consider upgrading to digital lock systems. As one of the top security solutions providers in the region, Oversightt Integrated Security is dedicated to installing smart locks in Manhattan, Yonkers, and other locations.

Unlike the common lock cylinder, electronic locks offer a wide range of benefits that aren’t possible with traditional security systems. To learn more about this modern security solution, call us today to hear about our electronic locks for NY homeowners and businesses and to schedule your future installation.

Why Consider an Electronic Locking System?

Heightened Security

Electronic locking systems offer a higher level of security that traditional mechanical locks simply cannot match. By leveraging the latest digital lock systems, these modern locking devices can provide a robust barrier against unauthorized access.

Electronic locking systems utilize unique codes, biometrics, or smart devices to reduce the risk of breach. Furthermore, the integration of access control systems allows for detailed tracking and auditing of entry and exit.

No Traditional Keys

The absence of a key or mechanical locking system in electronic locks is a revolutionary approach to building access. Keyless entry systems eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with physical keys, such as picking cylindrical locks or losing the key.

This innovation not only simplifies the process of securing a door but also enhances security by integrating features like time-based access permissions and multiple authentication methods. Moreover, the reliance on digital credentials makes it nearly impossible for intruders to gain unauthorized access through traditional techniques, which makes electronic door lock solutions a superior choice for modern security needs.

They’re Automatic

The automation of electronic locking systems offers a seamless and user-friendly security solution that is both efficient and reliable. Electric locks automatically lock the door upon closing, ensuring that doors remain locked without human intervention. This feature is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas, where there’s a higher risk of a door being left unlocked by accident.

The automation extends to emergency protocols as well, where electronic door locks can be programmed to unlock in the event of a power failure, which ensures safety without compromising security. Such automatic locking and unlocking mechanisms provide peace of mind, as you can have confidence that your security is always active and responsive.

Greater Flexibility

Electronic locks stand out for their unparalleled flexibility and convenience, as they grant you the ability to update and manage access rights remotely. This flexibility is a game-changer for businesses and households alike and allows for immediate changes to who can access a building or room without needing to physically change locks or reissue keys. 

Whether it’s granting temporary access to guests or revoking access in response to security concerns, adjustments can be easily made to an electric lock from any location provided there is internet access. Additionally, the capacity to update the system’s software remotely ensures that the latest security features and fixes are always in place, further enhancing the effectiveness of electronic door locks as a dynamic and adaptable security solution.

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If You Need to Install Electronic Locks in NY, Call Oversightt Integrated Security Today

When you reach out to us to install keyless entry systems in Yonkers or other New York locations, you can count on our team to be fast and efficient. As one of the area’s top security solutions providers, we also offer services for access control systems, video surveillance technology, burglar alarms, and other modern devices. To install smart locks for your Manhattan area building, reach out to Oversightt Integrated Security.


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