Access Control

Who’s on your property, when you are not present? Beyond simply locking and unlocking doors, electronic access control gives you real-time information, control, and protection of your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physical security and access control security have become increasingly important over the past several years and the industry has seen a lot of growth and innovation. Much of this growth and innovation has been driven by governments looking for solutions that offer more enhanced features, better security, and increased flexibility.

Choosing the right access control system can solve programs and create competencies.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions can design and install a range of access control solutions from a single access point system for a small office, to a large enterprise system with hundreds of access points.

Oversightt Fire And Security Solutions VAccess Control

No business is alike, so we will modify a solution for you, combined with other surveillance and monitoring services, that ticks off all the important boxes:

  • Security Solutions

The identity and movement of people or vehicles on your property can be controlled via access cards, pin codes, and biometrics — even denying entry to unauthorized visitors.

With walk-in steals and trespassers shut out, you dramatically reduce your exposure to crime while cumulative the security of your employees, visitors, confidential information, and assets.

  • Unique User Codes

Easily create and disable user codes within minutes from your computer or tablet. Give each user a sole code, then see who has armed or disarmed the system.

  • CCTV Surveillance

Video surveillance systems provide reliable identification of potential security threats, keeping public spaces and the people in them safer and more secure. Designed to work with other security measures, these products provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated protection of your property.

  • Intercom Systems

A key emergency feature for business security is an integrated intercom solution. Particularly useful for multi-tenant buildings or large interdepartmental enterprises, intercoms and central control rooms can work in tandem with video and access control to keep your employees safe.

Improve efficiency with integration

    When it comes to deciding who has access to what, various departments are usually involved. This can include HR, facilities management, and IT, as well as security.

    Frequently, these departments each have a system that operates independently. This is inefficient though and can lead to mistakes that present significant security risks.

    For optimum security and efficiency, all systems should be aligned. An access control system that can integrate with other systems can have the power to link everything together.

    An online access control system

    To add more functionality to your system, you simply select extra options from our access control software. As AEOS is built on open standards, it integrates with a wide range of technologies, including video monitoring and biometric readers. And it has the flexibility to scale easily, so you can build and grow your access control system to suit you.

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